Today in disaster resilience (17 April 2020)

Please find below a list of links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Ecuador – Homes Destroyed by Floods in Quito

Storm tears through South amid pandemic; more than 30 dead

Krakatau volcano (Indonesia): strong explosion

Indonesia – Thousands Affected by Floods in Lamongan, East Java

Papua New Guinea – Deadly Landslide in Chimbu Province

Ukrainian officials: Fires out near Chernobyl nuclear plant

Yemen – Flash Floods Hit Sana’a

Iran – Deadly Floods in North and Central Provinces

Pakistan – More Fatalities After Heavy Rain and Storms in Punjab Province

Ongoing floods affect more than 25 000 in East Java, Indonesia

Thousands of homes damaged as severe thunderstorms lash Thailand

Volcanic activity worldwide 16 Apr 2020: Klyuchevskoy volcano, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Semeru


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Data show one of the strongest predictors of social distancing behavior is attitudes toward climate change

Are our urban buildings climate-ready? :

The IPCC’s special report on climate change and land: What’s in it for Africa?

Enhancing national climate plans through nature-based solutions

Expanding use of archaeology in climate change response by changing its social environment

A global database of Holocene paleotemperature records

Tackling climate change is vital for the strongest economic recovery after coronavirus

Estuaries warming and acidifying because of climate change, study finds

Study reveals one climate strategy could save the world $616 trillion

How to Adapt to Climate Change From the Bottom Up

Cities can lead the way on climate change mitigation through green spaces

Infrastructure and climate change

Natural catastrophes in times of economic accumulation and climate change

Scientists confirm dramatic melting of Greenland ice sheet

Public want radical response to climate change with same urgency as coronavirus, poll finds

Strengthen worldwide climate commitments to improve economy, study finds

Large contribution from anthropogenic warming to an emerging North American megadrought

Australia deploying new renewables at ten times global average


Disaster risk reduction

Geohealth: Science’s First Responders

COVID-19 has struck Ethiopia, the second most populous country in Africa, at a moment of heightened vulnerability arising from multiple sources–how-to-live-with-risk-and-succeed-.html

Hiding in Plain Sight: Conceptualizing the Creeping Crisis

‘It’s worth a shot’: Australia’s endgame must be total elimination of the virus

A recent Johns Hopkins University study found that impervious surfaces found in urban areas significantly increase the potential for flooding

Bridging forecast verification and humanitarian decisions: A valuation approach for setting up action-oriented early warnings

Developing solutions for Climate and Disaster Resilience

Stanford researchers forecast longer, more extreme wildfire seasons

What is the difference between complicated and complex systems… and why is it important in understanding the systemic nature of risk?

Delhi is one of many capitals enjoying improved air quality since restrictions were introduced due to the coronavirus

Coronavirus distancing may need to continue until 2022, say experts

Applying Satellite Imagery to NWS Grand Forks Flood Operations

Floodplain evaluation matrix: A multiparameter assessment methodology

Bats are a key source of human viruses — but they’re not special

We are just now starting to understand the scope of the risk of hurricanes

Ethics and Evidence in the Search for a Vaccine and Treatments for Covid-19

One Of Mississippi’s Devastating Easter Tornadoes Was ‘At Least’ Two Miles Wide

Extreme weather events in a time of COVID-19


Emergency management

Life and Death in the ‘Hot Zone’

In the middle of a pandemic, people who live in flood zones are being warned that provincial authorities won’t be able to respond in the usual way

Queensland bushfires review 2019-20

Paradise Dam preparedness review 2019-20

Disaster recovery framework guide

Scenario planning vital in pandemic response

Addressing conflicting cues during natural hazards: lessons from emergency agencies

Why Politicians Ignore Disaster Predictions

As coronavirus spreads in Congo, Ebola resurfaces

Coronavirus: China’s first confirmed Covid-19 case traced back to November 17

Recalibrating disaster governance in ASEAN after the 2018 central Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami

In Singapore, migrant coronavirus cases highlight containment weak link

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – the data

Virus-hit Asian nations brace for double disasters as extreme weather looms

What Happens When Other Disasters Hit during a Pandemic?

In China, This Coronavirus App Pretty Much Controls Your Life


Disaster education, communications and engagement

Citizen disaster science education for effective disaster risk reduction in developing countries

Why We Should Say ‘Physical Distancing,’ Not ‘Social Distancing’

Social-media companies must flatten the curve of misinformation


Disaster psychology

Americans See Spread of Disease as Top International Threat, Along With Terrorism, Nuclear Weapons, Cyberattacks

Social Distance: We Can’t Go Back to Normal

Public mental health crisis during COVID-19 pandemic, China

Crushing coronavirus means ‘breaking the habits of a lifetime.’ Behavior scientists have some tips


Sociology and disasters

Confronting chronic shocks: Social resilience in Rio de Janeiro’s poor neighborhoods’s_poor_neighborhoods

South Africa needs to mitigate the worst of its inequalities in tackling coronavirus

Social vulnerability in a high-risk flood-affected rural region of NSW, Australia

Gender transformative early warning systems: Nepal Practical Action

The pandemic can be a catalyst for decolonisation in Africa


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