Today in disaster resilience (27 March 2020)

Recent emergencies/disaster

Earthquake rocks Croatia’s capital Zagreb

Ecuador – 350 Families Affected as Rivers Overflow in Pastaza

Iran – Deadly Floods Hit Southern Provinces

USA – 8 Killed in Ohio and Indiana Floods

Papua New Guinea – 10 Dead After Landslide in Western Highlands

Severe thunderstorms, rain and hail hit Dubai, UAE

Coronavirus latest news: Global pandemic is ‘accelerating’ warns WHO

Second wave of coronavirus cases hits Asia

Indonesia – Thousands Affected by Floods in Bandung

Burundi – Hundreds Displaced After More Severe Weather

Zambia – Families Displaced After More Floods in Luapula Province

Yemen – Deadly Floods Hit Aden

Burundi – Hundreds Displaced After More Severe Weather

Large and destructive tornado hits Tishomingo, Mississippi — rare tornado emergency issued


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

See how global warming has changed the world since your childhood

With coronavirus and climate change, it’s about time

Rewilding project aims to give Thames its flood plain back

Managing disaster risks and water under climate change in Central Asia and Caucasus

Sea levels in Singapore 14cm above pre-1970 levels: Meteorological Service Singapore

Scientists just discovered a massive new vulnerability in the Antarctic ice sheet

Shedding light on how much carbon tropical forests can absorb

Evaluating Cloud Cover Predictions in Climate Models

Wind industry calls on Victoria to set “bold” science-based emissions targets

Climate crisis blamed for rains and floods that have killed 150 in Brazil

Holding back the tide – sea’s advance threatens Tunisia’s beaches

UK greenhouse gas emissions fall for seventh year in a row

Coronavirus, Climate Change, And Our Community


Disaster risk reduction

Social distancing: What it is and why it’s the best tool we have to fight the coronavirus

Natural disasters cost the world $232 billion last year. Here are the worst seven

Study: Coronavirus Lockdown Likely Saved 77,000 Lives In China Just By Reducing Pollution

Which Covid-19 drugs work best?

A Professor of Disasters and Health on COVID-19

Hong Kong appeared to have the coronavirus under control, then it let its guard down

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

Lives on the Line: The Big Benefits of Microgrids in Disaster

CDC says coronavirus RNA found in Princess Cruise ship cabins up to 17 days after passengers left

It’s up to you: data shows coronavirus can only be controlled if eight out of 10 Aussies stay home

You could be spreading the coronavirus without realising you’ve got it
It’s wrong to blame bats for the coronavirus epidemic
Mapping precipitation in the Himilayas

‘While proactive school closures cannot interrupt transmission on their own, they reduce peak incidence by half and delay the epidemic’

Why Germany’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Far Lower Than In Other Countries

Help needed to rescue UK’s old rainfall records

COVID-19 lands in Africa on some of the world’s least capable health systems, wholly unable to cope with a pandemic–fighting-back–recovering-stronger.html


Emergency management

The case for shutting down almost everything, and restarting when coronavirus is gone

Almost 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide as a result of COVID-19, says ILO–en/index.htm

Coronavirus and aid: What we’re watching

Swedish PM warned over ‘Russian roulette-style’ Covid-19 strategy

COVID-19 world wide data

Nearly half of Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers and crew who had coronavirus were asymptomatic when tested, CDC report says

U.S. could be next ‘virus epicenter’ as India locks down, global recession looms

Wildfire Season Is Almost Here, and Coronavirus Is Making Us Less Prepared


Disaster education, communications and engagement

A UN programme for schools is looking to make education a central part of the international response to climate change

World Water Day and World Meteorological Day 2020 – Joint message

Medium Coronavirus blog

Here’s how social media can combat the coronavirus ‘infodemic’

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak highlights serious deficiencies in scholarly communication

Try the Flash Flood Game

Earthquake safety at home guide

Floodlines: The story of an unnatural disaster

Staying well during self-isolation

Five questions to ask when you see a coronavirus map

Talking to kids about COVID-19

Coronavirus – tips for self-isolating

The University of Hull has secured almost £300,000 of funding to help young people in Vietnam better understand and tackle climate change


Psychology and Disasters

Before the pandemic, three-quarters of Americans said people would cooperate with each other in a crisis

Let’s Aim for Physical Rather Than Social Distancing

Close Encounters: How Near Misses Influence Disaster Decision Making

New poll suggests 1-in-5 Canadians feel pandemic blown out of proportion

Meet the heroes of Australia’s bushfire crisis and find out – months on – how they are coping as they try to get back to normality

COVID-19 and your mental wellbeing


Sociology and disasters

When events unfold that disrupt the social order, most of us search for solace among our fellow human beings

Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response

In the Battle Against Coronavirus, Humanity Lacks Leadership

Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus

Association president warns against spreading xenophobia along with virus

The community-led movement creating hope in the time of coronavirus

Pandemics reveal structural weaknesses: at pace and scale

Covid-19 is nature’s wake-up call to complacent civilisation


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