Today in disaster resilience (29 November 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

At least four dead after massive floods hit southeastern France

Dozens killed by floods and landslides in DRC and Kenya

State of natural disaster declared as extreme flooding displaces 50,000 in Congo

Congo-Brazzaville – 50,000 Affected by Floods in North and Central Provinces

Djibouti – Deadly Floods After 140mm of Rain in 2 Days

Two dead, highway collapses as floods pound France, Italy

Albania earthquake strikes highest-hazard zone in the Balkans, devastating nearby towns

Severe, fast-moving thunderstorm hits Sydney, leaving widespread damage and 76 000 homes without power, Australia

‘Brutal’ freezing November temperatures spread across northeast Russia

Three die as storm front batters Greece

Brazil – Torrential Rain Triggers Flooding and Landslides in Salvador, Bahia

Volcanic activity worldwide 28 Nov 2019: Santiaguito volcano, Pacaya, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Dukono


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Samoa climate change resilience challenges Western perceptions

Wild, feral and fossil-fuelled, fire lights up the globe. Is it time to declare that humans have created a Pyrocene?

Making every building count in meeting Australia’s emission targets

It’s not just Venice. Climate change imperils ancient treasures everywhere

Three Times Tectonics Changed the Climate

World heritage Queensland rainforest burned for 10 days – and almost no one noticed

Experts call for more tools to help communities mitigate and adapt to climate change to curb the impacts and costs of natural disasters

‘No sign of slowdown’: Atmospheric greenhouse gas levels hit new high

Scientists Reach 100% Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming

U.S. Public Views on Climate and Energy

Drier, hotter and deadlier: Stanford’s Michael Wara talks about California wildfires

‘Maybe It Will Destroy Everything’: Pakistan’s Melting Glaciers Cause Alarm

‘Dangerously close’: Tipping points may trigger climate cascade

As Sydney’s bushfire-induced haze shows, far from being insulated, urban areas are hugely vulnerable to the climate crisis

Climate migration myths

UNEP: 1.5C climate target ‘slipping out of reach’

Demands grow for ‘global justice’ on climate damage at U.N. talks

Summer outlook from Bureau of Meteorology suggests hot, dry times to continue

Heat Flow in Southern Australia and Connections With East Antarctica

Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against

changing climate, which is driving a drying trend across southern Australia and general warming across the country

The Keys face huge and looming bill to survive sea rise. They’re asking Florida for help

Home by the sea: new science shows more sea-level rise impacts on small islands

Stabilising the global population is not a solution to the climate emergency – but we should do it anyway


Disaster risk reduction

Busy Hurricane Season Does Less Damage, but Leaves Ominous Signs

Canadian Disaster Database

How wildfires have and will continue to shape our future

Conservative commentators have pointed to a long history of bushfires to suggest there is nothing unusual about this season. Experts disagree

Protesters blame new Great Lakes plan for Ottawa River, Lake Ontario floods

UniSA project brings Mount Schank to the masses via drone footage and virtual reality video

Can science tell when a large earthquake will be followed by an even larger one?

A grim summer is likely for the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin and the people, flora and fauna that rely on it

Dangerous L.A. apartment buildings most at risk in an earthquake are quickly being fixed

Italy should call in the Dutch to help finish the Venice flood barriers

A small coastal Mississippi town is seeing dramatic property value losses from flooding. But the houses in highest demand are still right on the water

Great Britain’s first national flood map launched which incorporates current and future predictive flood scenarios for the 2020s, 2050s and 2080s

Don’t know why your town floods? There’s a clue in the place name

Mitigation Saves demonstrates that building a foot of freeboard saves an average of $6 per additional $1 of construction cost

Wildfires in Australia could also be shaping the weather

Risk informed development that is climate sensitive and socially inclusive is sustainable

Trade‐offs between fire hazard reduction and conservation in a Natura 2000 shrub–grassland mosaic

Ontario adviser reports on flood mitigation; province doesn’t commit to funds

Caribbean Island On Track To Become World’s First ‘hurricane-proof’ Country


Emergency management

How does the World Bank initiate a rapid response to climate-related disasters?

Measuring the state of disaster philanthropy

Over 500,000 people affected by floods in Somalia

Flooding victims in South Yorkshire betrayed by self-important politicians

FEMA’s Hurricane Aid to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Has Stalled

Some Cities Still Hoping for Irma Money FEMA Says Is ‘Questionable’

DR Congo – Over 200,000 Need Aid After Floods in North, Says UN

What the Qld floods class action means


Disaster education, communications and engagement

A tiny and remote North Taranaki school has won an award for its work monitoring their local awa, the Waitotara River, and developing a flood warning system

Inundation Street shows you what it is like to flood and what you can do to help you if you do

Understanding Disaster Risk

Global Natural Disasters Map 2020

What if a computer disaster simulation game could show politicians and local people what potential floods in their town would look like?


Psychology and Disasters

The Psychology of Fear Management and Terrorism


Sociology and disasters

Lagos… where residents live in dread of flooding

Rich Californians shelling out $30,000 to ease blackout pain


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