Today in disaster resilience (15 November 2019)


Please find below links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disaster

NSW bushfires: More than 850,000 hectares destroyed so far in season ‘as bad as it gets’

England flooding: River warnings and rail delays continue

Three people die and 150 homes destroyed in Australian bushfires

Philippines – Rain From Typhoon ‘Nakri’ Causes Deadly Floods and Landslides

DR Congo – Thousands Displaced by Flooding Ubangi River

Woman dies as floods devastate Midlands and north of England

India and Bangladesh – Cyclone ‘Bulbul’ Leaves 24 Dead

Venice has been hit by severe flooding which has left more than 85 percent of the Italian city underwater, including many of its famous squares

Italy – Storms Turn Deadly, Worst Flooding in 50 Years in Venice

Algeria – Deadly Flash Floods in North

South Africa – 4 Dead After Storms and Floods in KwaZulu-Natal

Indonesia: tsunami warning lifted after large earthquake

Volcanic activity worldwide 14 Nov 2019: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Shiveluch, Dukono

Two Dead as Venice Faces Worst Floods in 50 Years

Tunisia – Flash Floods in Jendouba Governorate

Vietnam – Hundreds of Homes Damaged by Tropical Cyclone Nakri


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

An arresting exhibition from activist charity Project Pressure uses conceptual photography to capture the decline of the ice caps

Global leaders are facing one of the scariest years of climate change yet

This is not normal: what’s different about the NSW mega fires

As Seas Rise, Miami’s Black Communities Fear Displacement From The High Ground

Climate experts call ‘BS’ as government offers only “thoughts and prayers” for fire crisis

Floods across Africa: “Without Climate Action we’ll be queuing for Noah’s Ark”, says Greenpeace Africa

The day it forgot to rain on Australia

What is the connection between climate change and bushfires?

Climate change could end mortgages as we know them

How daily temperature and precipitation distributions evolve with global surface temperature

Unfamiliar Ground: Bracing for Climate Impacts in the American Midwest

Ice loss causing Arctic to reflect less heat

The world’s last climate crisis demonstrates that surviving is possible if bold economic and social change is embraced

Extinction Rebellion activists have floated a “sinking house” down the River Thames in London to highlight the impact of flooding and rising sea levels

Ocasio-Cortez points to California fires: ‘This is what climate change looks like’

The global and regional impacts of climate change under representative concentration pathway forcings and shared socioeconomic pathway socioeconomic scenarios

Climate change expected to shift location of East Asian Monsoons

The oldest and thickest Arctic sea ice is disappearing twice as fast as ice in the rest of the Arctic Ocean, according to new research

Climate change made extreme heat before 2018 Queensland bushfires ‘four times more likely’

Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change

Fire chiefs demand urgent action on climate change as states burn


Disaster risk reduction

Sydney region now drier than before the 2001 ‘Black Christmas’ fires

Drought and climate change were the kindling, and now the east coast is ablaze

Professor Guillermo Rein, a fire scientist, tells Horizon why smouldering peatland fires are so dangerous and why we know so little about them

Hurricanes have become bigger and more destructive for the U.S., study finds

Normalized US hurricane damage estimates using area of total destruction, 1900−2018

Scientists predict El Nino in 2020 based on earlier warning method

Natural hazards don’t always spell disaster: UN risk reduction chief

Aging US dams pose risk to thousands

Flooding action plan launched to protect Scotland from extreme weather

Is there really a green conspiracy to stop bushfire hazard reduction?

Flood defences simply aren’t good enough – here’s what needs to be done

England floods: What is making them worse?

What part has hazard reduction policy played in the bushfires?

NSW Fire Mapping using ArcGIS

‘Like a genie’: Researchers scramble to adjust to rising fire extremes

Japan views physical infrastructure as the main way to achieve disaster resilience

Flooding caused by poor management and floodplain building, say experts

California has six of the nation’s 1,680 high-hazard dams deemed in risky condition

Rivers are changing all the time, and it affects their capacity to contain floods

Urban development reduces flash flooding chances in arid Western US

Modeling of inter-organizational coordination dynamics in resilience planning of infrastructure systems: A multilayer network simulation framework

Insurance losses from northern England floods could be 80-120 million pounds – PwC

Driven by a trio of costly California wildfires, the nation’s largest-loss fires of 2018 accounted for $12.91 billion in losses, the most since 2001

This map presents a selection of regions likely to encounter significant water anomalies during the one year period beginning in August 2019 and running through July 2020


Emergency management

Koala population ‘like in a cremation’ after NSW bushfires

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Boris Johnson is ‘wrong’ on Yorkshire floods not being a national emergency

Managing a Crisis or Disaster using Cloud based tools

Inside the fight to save Windsor from the Kincade fire

When wildfires break out, this elite team of ‘smokejumpers’ parachute in

‘Better to be cautious’: At least 500 schools to close in Sydney and NSW due to fire danger

Hayward Fault Scenario

Combining satellites, radar provides path for better forecasts

30,000 stranded in northeastern DR Congo after floods

‘Heartbreaking’ devastation of Yorkshire floods as fierce communities rally

BlackHawk joins the fire and emergency aviation fleet in Queensland

As catastrophic fires burn across NSW this week, ANU Researcher Dr Marta Yebra is advising fire authorities about where to deploy firefighting resources

Worse than Black Saturday: Victoria braced for ‘very extreme’ heatwaves

England flooding: Labour and Lib Dems criticise response

Data science could help Californians battle future wildfires

England flooding: Doncaster floods seen from the air

Japan marks one month since deadly typhoon

Pandemic simulation exercise spotlights massive preparedness gap

A month after Typhoon Hagibis, volunteers, local officials and SDF tackling mountains of waste

Managing Community Risk Reduction in the Fire Service

Sudan’s major floods present first challenge for its new leader

South Sudan: IOM Scales Up Efforts To Meet Needs Of 900,000 Flood Displaced Persons

Somalia struggles after worst flooding in recent history


Disaster education, communications and engagement

How to protect yourself and your property on a ‘catastrophic’ bushfire danger day

Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities

Earthquake Conspiracy Theorists Are Wreaking Havoc During Emergencies

Researchers explore how citizens can become agents of environmental change

How citizen science is helping solve conservation problems


Psychology and Disasters

Distress Due to Displacement and Repatriation of an Entire Island Population in the South Pacific


Sociology and disasters

Rich Residents Build Defenses against Rising Seas; Poor Ones Leave

Chicago’s cold blast spells concern for the city’s homeless

A new study, headed by experts at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), is looking at how flooding affects social inequality in flood-prone parts of the state


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