Today in disaster resilience (18 October 2019)


Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disaster

Typhoon Hagibis: Japan deploys military rescuers as deadly storm hits

Firefighters make progress on Saddleridge fire; Southern California blazes kill 3, injure others

Typhoon Hagibis hammers Tokyo, 33 dead

Tanzania – Floods Cause Fatalities in Morogoro and Tanga Regions

El Salvador – Flooding and Landslides Leave 4 Dead

Iran – Deadly Flooding in Northern Provinces

Ethiopia – Over 20 Killed in Landslide in South

Colombia – Flooding and Landslides in Risaralda Department

At least 27 people have been confirmed dead after days of flooding in the Upper East region of Ghana

DR Congo – Deadly Floods Hit Kinshasa

Volcanic activity worldwide 17 Oct 2019: Etna volcano, Fuego, Krakatau, Shiveluch, Karangetang


Extreme Weather and Climate Change

National Governments Can’t Solve Climate Change Alone

Climate Change Insurance; California’s Homeless Crisis

Stripped bare: Australia’s hidden climate crisis

Four Storytellers Tackle Climate Change

Higher temperatures driving ‘alarming’ levels of hunger – report

Transforming mined out lands into solar plants

‘It’s a crisis, not a change’: the six Guardian language changes on climate matters

Tracking the Ongoing Recovery of Earth’s Ozone Hole

Prince William calls for climate change action on glacier visit

Extinction Rebellion and the Birth of a New Climate Politics

Mass migration from Africa likely as government invests in satellite monitoring of vulnerable countries

How Scientists Finally Got Americans to Worry About the Climate

Climate Change Impacts Monsoon Flooding In India

GHI 2019: Climate change driving alarming levels of global hunger

Assessing the health effects of extreme temperatures and the development of adaptation strategies to climate change in the Asia-Pacific region

More than 370,000 sign e-petition for climate emergency declaration

Australia wasted decades in climate denial – and must break free of the mire of misinformation

A visual alternative to tackling the 1170 pages of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC)

Planning for the economic risks of climate change

Peruvian Glaciers Have Shrunk By 30 Percent Since 2000

Climate change and displacement

Olympics Marathon Moved Out of Tokyo Over Heat Concerns

Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt


Disaster risk reduction

Japan Spent Mightily to Soften Nature’s Wrath, but Can It Ever Be Enough?

Probabilistic Hydrological Post-Processing at Scale: Why and How to Apply Machine-Learning Quantile Regression Algorithms

What happens if you put 100 people interested in flood risk management in a room for a full month?

Our attempts to wall in a surging Mississippi have failed up and down the river, leading to catastrophic flooding. Now momentum is building to work with nature, not against it

Flooding Menace: Italian Firm, Rivers Community Sign Pact To End Flooding

New study analyzes FEMA-funded home buyout program

Lagos flood: Beyond panic control, but high-tech engineering solutions

Edinburgh’s ‘urban creep’ flood risk: 15 football pitches worth of green land lost each year to conservatories, driveways and patios

Australian Tropical Cyclone Outlook for 2019 to 2020

Great Lakes flooding: The warning signs that homes must be moved

Disaster Risk Analysis Part 2: The Systemic Underestimation of Risk

Factors influencing the behaviour and perceptions of Australian veterinarians towards antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance

We can’t drought-proof Australia, and trying is a fool’s errand

FSU Research: Strong storms often generate earthquake-like seismic activity

UK: Flood defences save £1.1 billion a year

Asia-Pacific DRR Country Status Reports

Evidence for sharp increase in the economic damages of extreme natural disasters

Practitioner perspectives of disaster resilience in international development

Catalyzing urban resilience

Thirty years after devastating quake, is San Francisco ready for the next?

Unprecedented movement detected on California earthquake fault capable of 8.0 temblor

Florida Keys neighborhood’s been flooded for over 40 days

Thoughtfully Using Artificial Intelligence in Earth Science

Exmoor river ‘reset’ aims to cut flood risk and bolster wildlife

Fixing Insurance in Far North Queensland


Emergency management

Two Years After Hurricane Harvey, One Group Says It Has Been Overlooked: Renters

Toll from typhoon in Japan, both human and material, keeps rising

Limitations and challenges of early warning systems: A case study of the 2018 Palu-Donggala Tsunami

Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management

Flooding of Tama River put capital on the brink of crisis during Typhoon Hagibis

Estimating the Sequencing of Evacuation Destination and Accommodation Type in Hurricanes

Developing a freely available platform to simulate the evacuation of residential communities from wildfire

Vladimir Putin held a meeting on flood relief measures in Irkutsk Region and the Far East

Urban flooding a hot button topic among those affected

Hagibis Floods Japan


Disaster education, communications and engagement

International Day for Disaster Reduction

Tips on How to Prepare Your Business for Flooding

Strategic approaches for developing a culture of safety management in schools: Indications from literature studies

Immersed: a VR experience about flood and resilience

Virtual reality based disaster resilience training

Philippines disaster preparedness simulator

Disaster Scope is an augmented reality (AR) application which contains flooding and fire smoke simulations built by Itamiya laboratory

PreparedBC: Guide for Apartments, Condos and Townhomes

Download California’s New Earthquake Early Warning App


Psychology and Disasters

Large Study Shows PTSD Has Strong Genetic Component

Getting Canadians prepared for natural disasters: a multi-method analysis of risk perception, behaviors, and the social environment

Flash Flood Risk Perception by the Population of Mindelo, S. Vicente (Cape Verde)

Geo-hydrological and seismic risk awareness at school: Emergency preparedness and risk perception evaluation

Educational Attainment, Disaster Experience, and Emergency Preparedness 1 Formal Education and Disaster Protective Action Decision Making: The Interacting Effects of Prior Experience and Income

Florida names its first mental health coordinator for hurricanes, disaster recovery


Sociology and disasters

Post-disaster recovery and sociocultural change: Rethinking social capital development for the new social fabric

The role of traditional leadership in disaster management and disaster risk governance: A case of Ugu District Municipality by-laws

Gender mainstreaming: A lasting solution to disaster risk reduction


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