Today in disaster resilience (13 January 2017)

Please find below some links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Current emergencies/disasters

Volcanic activity worldwide 8 Jan 2017: Fuego volcano, Colima, Dukono, Turrialba, Sinabung, Nevado

‘Worst Rainfall in 30 Years’: Thailand Flooding Hits 700,000 People, Leaves 21 Dead

Evacuations begin as Northern California storm moves in

After years of drought, California faces devastating floods

Upper Swan bushfire contained, but threat remains to homes

Flooding leaves 50 dead, up to 20 missing in southern Congo

Severe flooding hits Limpopo and Mpumalanga, South Africa

Freezing Danube river, Venice lagoon, Lake Balaton in the ongoing arctic blast

Volcan, Argentina: massive mudflows cause major disruption

Extraordinary storms blitz West with 100-plus inches of snow, flooding rains

Heavy snowfall, deadly flash flooding hits Turkey

Disaster risk reduction

Yale study confirms gun violence is contagious

As floods become more frequent around the globe, scientists work to pinpoint what puts certain regions at risk

Global natural catastrophe losses highest in four years

Drones help communities map flood risk in Dar es Salaam slums

Bushfire-ravaged towns should not be rebuilt, planning expert warns

Dangerous Victorian power lines to be buried to prevent bushfires

Coastal flooding may force thousands of homes in Louisiana to be elevated or bought out

Lessons in Resilience from 2016

“We want to see an end to all inappropriate development in areas of high-flood risk.“

How Flood Risk in U.S. Is Changing: Increasing in North, Decreasing in South

Temblor adds faults for 50 countries

Istanbul’s biggest threat doesn’t come from terrorists

The Somerset Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan

Old floods show Brisbane’s next big wet might be closer than we think

Improving understanding, prediction and management of extreme flood events in the Lockyer Valley and broader SEQ region

Inconvenient, apocalyptic, or somewhere in between? Why we shouldn’t be complacent about volcanic eruptions

Latest edition of the Natural Hazards Observer

Wigan’s ‘Radical’ Flood Solution

Nepal’s mystery mountain floods

The Global Risks Report 2017

Diverse forms of nature within Kampala can be harnessed to reduce flood risk

A validated tropical-extratropical flood hazard assessment for New York Harbor

Stationarity of major flood frequencies and heights on the Ba River, Fiji, over a 122-year record

Geomorphology workshop identifies ways of improving flood water management in Cumbria

Flood dynamics in urbanised landscapes: 100 years of climate and humans’ interaction

Emergency management

Firefighting blamed for ‘megafires’ ravaging US forests

Mount Rainier to get new digital-warning system for massive mudflows

A year and 17 days after Storm Desmond the last flooded shop in Glenridding has reopened

OCHA 2016 A Year in review

Environment Agency chooses CGI for 3-year contract to design and deliver England’s new Future Flood Forecasting System

People evacuating in a disaster derive the greatest benefit from overall cooperation

Analysis of the Crowd Evacuation Modeling Approaches for the Case of Urban Underground Spaces

Probabilistic model for safe evacuation under the effect of uncertain factors in fire

Integrating aftershock forecasting into humanitarian decision-making: lessons from the April 2015 Nepal earthquake

Age-related differences in decision-making for digital escape route signage under strenuous emergency conditions of tilted passenger ships

Six floodwater rescues in north Queensland

Brazil court extends deadline for Samarco to pay dam spill guarantee

Trump’s big FEMA decision

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Good popular science writing matters more than ever

Adequate preparation for heatwave is essential, especially for people at high risk

Environmental journalists have a new beat: Coping with climate disaster

Beyond Stop Disasters 2.0: an agenda for exploring the contribution of video games to learning about disasters

A Business Guide to Flood Resilience

What is the Coastline Change: Historical Data app?

What is the Coastline Change: Future Scenarios app?

ODPEM Embarks on Earthquake Awareness Campaign

Rotterdam residents are more aware of present-day heat waves, but more alarmed by future flooding

STEM Uses “Zombie Apocalypse” To Teach Students About Emergency Management

California’s Amazing Geology

5 simple (but often forgotten) ways to prepare for the bushfire season

Coastal Flooding, Climate Adaptation and Community Engagement in the City of Surrey, Canada

Social media and emergency management

Social Media Was an Unused Resource in Gatlinburg Fire Disaster

Integrating Social Media and Crowdsourced Information for Early Warning

Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017, say Princeton researchers


Social capital and disasters

Creating Community Resilience Through Elder-Led Physical and Social Infrastructure

Trust deficit: Japanese communities and the challenge of rebuilding Tohoku


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