Today in disaster resilience (25 November 2016)

Please find below some links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Current emergencies/disasters

Over 100 killed in train crash in northern India

Volcanic activity worldwide 20 Nov 2016: Fuego volcano, Colima, Shiveluch, Dukono, Turrialba

UK flooding: Ferry stranded, roads closed, trains diverted

Chile battles raging wildfires fuelled by heat wave, winds

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes off Japanese coast, USGS says

New Zealand hit by another earthquake

State of emergency in Bolivia amid worst drought in 25 years

East Rand Declared Natural Catastrophe Zone by Insurers

Volcanic activity worldwide 23 Nov 2016: Santiaguito volcano, Dukono, Reventador, Turrialba, Sabanca

Severe flooding hits the Dominican Republic, 20 000 evacuated

Magnitude 7 offshore quake shakes Central America, no damage seen

Second earthquake in three days hits Fukushima, no tsunami warning this time

Hurricane Otto: Costa Rica and Nicaragua evacuate as storm grows

Wildfires tear across Israel; police chief suspects ‘political’ arson

Freak weather hits Japan after monster earthquake and tsunami

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issues alert for coastal areas after strong earthquake rocks region already hit by Hurricane Otto

Floods in Northern Italy

Extreme rainfall, floods and devastation in NW Italy

Unusual weather in Australia, snow falling days before summer

Disaster risk reduction

Earthquakes: Reckoning With ‘The Big One’ in California—and It Just Got Bigger

Outcry over lack of cash for flood defences as storm hits south UK

Complex, compound New Zealand earthquake – Part 2: Faulting by Day

Using Remote Sensing to Understand the Correlation Between Deforestation and Forest Fires

Avalanches more complex than previously thought

Natural flood protection defends homes against Storm Angus

Earth’s gravity offers earlier earthquake warnings

Volatile dilution during magma injections and implications for volcano explosivity

Companies Suffer $14 Billion Due To Water-Related Impacts, Says CDP

First phase of flood defence scheme protects thousands of properties

A mega-quake stretching from L.A. to San Francisco would devastate California, with $289 billion in losses, study find

Flood risk information for Toowoomba investors

Where will the next mega earthquake hit? Curvy faults may be key

Defining loss and damage

Multi-sector partnerships key in disaster risk reduction, says EU project

Five-year plan to reduce flood risk in York

Emergency management

Hapuku River: a major landslide dam after the earthquake in New Zealand

Seismology by Night

How to avoid utter chaos after a quake: stop using PDF maps of tsunami zones

State of the art weather satellite launched over the weekend promises huge gains in many areas

New Zealand Earthquake’s Impact Captured by Drone

Flood victims evicted amid protests, suicide attempts

Just as the Earth will always shake, so too will the humans always innovate: Idealog’s guide to earthquake tech

Bitter lessons of Japan’s 2011 tsunami put to use with latest quake

“Proof that we can rebuild”: Ordinary citizens restore historic site in Nepal

Third of vets know of farmers who have lost livestock due to flooding, survey reveals

In flood zone, many Louisiana families yearn to return home

Rain, resilience and human kindness revive SA farming community devastated by bushfires

Newly established National Mentor Program for emergency management

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Business Flood Resilience Planning

Guide to developing effective community engagement

Terryfying allure of volcanoes over the centuries

New book: Plate Boundaries and Natural Hazards

Example of community engagement for coastal flooding adaptation

Watch Earth’s History Play Out On A Football Field

Government of Canada launches new public awareness campaign on flood risks

#FloodReady campaign

The Dangers of Driving in Floods

Pinery bushfire anniversary a time to reflect on SA communities’ recovery efforts

Inspiring Resilience – Indigenous Disaster Resilience

Citizen Science

Social media and emergency management

Using GIS and social media for social activism

YouTube is the preferred destination for viewing social video, followed by Facebook

Would you really know how to effectively communicate across diverse Social Media in a crisis incident or, worse, a large-scale emergency event?

8 Ways Social Media Can Help Disaster Response Teams In A Hurricane

It’s raining, it’s pouring and the Environment Agency is tweeting

Psychology and disasters

The psychology of fire-setters: Bringing hell to earth

Trauma and How It Can Adversely Affect the Workplace

Having a strong social network was associated with lower risk for PTSD among survivors of a major bushfire disaster

All Right? works to support and improve Cantabrians’ mental health and wellbeing as we recover and rebuild from the earthquakes

How to stay sane in the face of climate change

Social capital and disasters

Local politicians as linking social capital: an empirical test of political behavior after Japan’s 3/11 disasters


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