Today in disaster resilience (4 November 2016)

Please find below some links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news this week…

Current emergencies/disasters

Italy quake: Norcia tremor destroys ancient buildings

Italy quake: Aerial footage of devastation

Volcanic activity worldwide 30 Oct 2016: Fuego volcano, Klyuchevskoy, Colima, Shiveluch, Dukono, Turrialba

Volcanic activity worldwide 31 Oct 2016: Klyuchevskoy volcano, Shiveluch, Dukono, Reventador

Volcanic activity worldwide 1 Nov 2016: Klyuchevskoy volcano, Colima, Shiveluch, Dukono, Turrialba, Sinabung

State of emergency declared for Alabama after Colonial pipeline incident

Volcanic activity worldwide 2 Nov 2016: Klyuchevskoy volcano, Colima, Shiveluch, Dukono, Turrialba

Vietnam – Further Flooding in Central Provinces Leaves 2 Dead and Thousands of Homes Damaged

Disaster risk reduction

Some years when flooding is bad, the water goes up to more than one metre

Prone to Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions, Should Italy Prepare for ‘The Big One’?

Why Italy faces constant threat of earthquakes

What measures can be taken to reduce the mortality from future hazardous events, including disasters?

Why have fires gotten larger in recent decades?

Opening up a world of data for resilience: A global effort to help access and use countries’ disaster risk information

Floating homes: a solution to flooding, crowded cities and unaffordable housing

The Excess Heat Factor as a metric for heat-related fatalities: defining heatwave risk categories

Sandy’s Lessons Lost: Jersey Shore Rebuilds in Sea’s Inevitable Path

Seismic Rift: Vancouver is vulnerable

How Can We Finance the Resilient Cities of the Future?

Nepal drains dangerous Everest lake

A new, independent report will help people better protect their homes and businesses from risk of flooding

NOAA Research grants support continued tornado research in the Southeast

Seismic risks remain after Italian quakes

The global annual average loss from flooding over the last decade has been $48bn

Measures that householders and businesses can install to protect their premises from the worst effects of flooding

Young people between 18 and 24 are leaving themselves vulnerable to the devastating effects of flooding

Future flood prevention in the UK

Risk experts: Candidates not focusing on biggest threats

Barely passable grade on flood preparedness demands immediate action: report

Reduce flood risk through rewilding, says new report

Social and Political Dynamics of Flood Risk, Recovery and Response

Prescribed burning operational risk framework

National Position on Prescribed Burning

Transforming the relationship between development and disaster risk: Insights from a year of research

Newcastle University expert sets out new approach to flood management

Italian Earthquakes Are Part of a Sequence

Chart: 25 Years of Growth in The World’s Largest Cities

Lloyd’s City Risk Index

Emergency management

GPS is Critical Tool for Volcano Monitoring

How Louisiana Turned Disaster Into Dollars

Four Years After Sandy, NYC Businesses Still Need Help With Disaster Readiness

Climate adaption is our role as emergency managers

The ifs and buts of long-term weather forecasting

Verizon Tests Drone LTE Network in Emergency Drill

Governor McCrory Moves to Help Protect Consumers from Flooded Vehicle Fraud

B.C. announces first step in province-wide earthquake warning system

After the storm: building tactical lessons capability

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Tips and advice to prepare your property

Emergency WA website publishing real-time WA bushfire information ahead of ‘risky’ fire season

#FloodAware: check your risk

The Resilience Dialogues: Connecting Communities with Scientists and Practitioners

The idea that humans are ephemeral compared to the workings of nature isn’t as persuasive as it once was

Preparedness for Seniors

The 1755 Nov.1st Great Lisbon Earthquake: a seismological, historical and cultural landmark

Flood of weather warning terms fuels confusion

There is a need to communicate more effectively what climate science says about event attribution

In AD 365 Crete was hit by an extraordinarily powerful earthquake

Downloadcenter for statistics on natural catastrophes

A film about flooding, and what we can do now

Emergency Preparedness Cartoons

Lifelong Learning

Prominent scientists are propagating new versions of the old idea that reality revolves around us

Environment Agency launches Flood Awareness Campaign

School bushfire education program draws on research

Resilience Ambassadors Program – applications now open

World Tsunami Awareness Day

Does history unfold randomly and by chance, or are there underlying patterns and deep connections between its parts?

Homeowner’s Guide to Flood Resilience

Social media and emergency management

How Facebook is pushing you to be more political

12 strategic steps to help you get the most from social media

‘Influencers’ feel motivated to share information about an emergency using social media

Psychology and disasters

Preparing researchers to manage traumatic research

Why do people empathise with others?

Fear grips quake-hit communities following Italy’s strongest tremor in decades

People Are Oblivious and/or Don’t Care About Disasters

Can we halt firefighter suicide?

Why does failure cause some people to bounce back even better than before?

‘I Will Never Again Live Near Water’

Social capital and disasters

The community was found to have an innate capacity to persevere and utilize resources to manage and transcend adversity and restore equilibrium

Local politicians as linking social capital: an empirical test of political behavior after Japan’s 3/11 disasters


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