Today in disaster resilience (20 July 2016)

Please find links below to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news today…

Current emergencies/disasters

Huge swaths of Russia’s forests are ablaze during what may be a record fire season

Sudan – Floods in 3 States Leave Several Dead and Hundreds Homeless

China – 4 Dead After Further Flooding in Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan

Disaster risk reduction

Some earthquakes on San Andreas fault are triggered by gravitational tug of sun and moon

Minister questioned on flood prevention

Worldwide mid-sized firms may fall short on insurance, risk management: Assurex Global survey

AIR Worldwide announces new global resilience practice

Coping Strategies for Landslide and Flood Disasters: A Qualitative Study of Mt. Elgon Region, Uganda

Current and Future Exposure of Infrastructure in the United States to Natural Hazards


Emergency management

Gurgaon Gets Earthquake Warning System

Federal government seeks to recover $25 million in costs for the 2013 Mountain Fire

Utah votes to let authorities disable drones near wildfires

China officials fired for Typhoon Nepartak response

Police officer deaths from guns up 72% from July 2015

Flooded families may be paid to relocate

Better disaster support needed for disabled kids

A California homeowner is being sued by the federal government for $25 million for a 2013 wildfire

DJI drones will now get real-time wildfire alerts

Man Arrested In California For Flying Drone Over Wildfire: Why This Is A Serious Offense

California Tech Group’s Hackathon Seeks to Develop Wildfire Assistance Software

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Learning Weather And Climate With The Popular Game Minecraft

New app lets public help map disasters, conflicts and outbreaks

How to Prepare a Pet for Disaster

Multipronged approach to community engagement for flood mitigation

What’s really warming the world?

Indonesia: Sign and information boards improve volcanic eruption preparedness

Social media and emergency management

Turkey coup: rebels failed to control the narrative and fundamentally misunderstood the significance of social media

Psychology and disasters

The psychology of why mass shootings may be contagious

Recovery Team Asks for Help as ‘Disaster Fatigue’ Affects Flood Rebuild

Survivors of Nice attack struggle with psychological wounds


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