Today in disaster resilience (24 March 2023)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Cameroon – Severe Floods Hit Buea, South West Region

Malawi – 180,000 Displaced, 200 Still Missing in Cyclone Freddy Floods

Indonesia – 4 Dead, 7 Missing After Floods and Landslides in Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi

Turkey – 14 Dead, 5 Missing in Şanlıurfa and Adıyaman Floods

Brazil – Three People Killed in Landslide in Ceará State

Syria – Floods Cause Severe Damage to Displacement Camps

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits Hindu Kush at intermediate depth, Afghanistan

Vigorous eruption at Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia

Fires west of Alice Springs spread, burning an estimated 100,000 hectares

Tornado damages 5 buildings and 17 vehicles in Greymouth, New Zealand

Los Angeles hit by strongest tornado in three decades: ‘It got very loud’

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Mar 2023: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Kilauea

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

What is the IPCC AR6 synthesis report and why does it matter?

Solar and wind dominate India’s capacity additions in 2022

NSW swelters in record heat as firefighters battle blazes

We’re sailing towards catastrophe, but we can still turn this ship around

Tonga Eruption May Temporarily Push Earth Closer to 1.5°C of Warming

Chinese coal boom a ‘direct threat’ to 1.5C goal, analysts warn

Cyclone Freddy was the most energetic storm on record. Is it a harbinger of things to come?

What Australia could do with $368 billion on the very real climate threat

Samoa PM urges world to save Pacific people from climate crisis obliteration

AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023

Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late

NASA Uses 30-Year Satellite Record to Track and Project Rising Seas

What ocean for tomorrow? Marine ecosystems in a changing climate – Insights from the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report

Leaders urged to act on Western Sydney ‘urban heat island’ crisis

Australia’s 116 new coal, oil and gas projects equate to 215 new coal power stations

UN says Australia must quit coal by 2030, reach net zero by 2040, no new coal or gas

Ice-sheet collapse and sea-level rise at the Bølling warming 14,600 years ago

Changing intensity of hydroclimatic extreme events revealed by GRACE and GRACE-FO

IPCC: ‘Severe consequences’ of further warming in disaster-hit Himalayas

Disaster risk reduction

‘We need to stop the water’: A California town’s frantic fight to save itself

How a map helps reduce risk in Madagascar

Pumps in key New Orleans flood protection system corroded in 5 years. They were meant to last 35

Historic UN water conference comes amid surge in floods, droughts

How well does a convection-permitting regional climate model represent the reverse orographic effect of extreme hourly precipitation?

Measuring global streamflow with Planet’s satellite imagery

2022 Disasters in Numbers

Hydroclimatic time series features at multiple time scales

Mechanisms by which growth and succession limit the impact of fire in a south-western Australian forested ecosystem

A global initiative to ensure that everyone on Earth is protected by early warnings by 2027

Deadly disasters in southeastern South America: flash floods and landslides of February 2022 in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro

A quake of unthinkable proportions is due in Istanbul. Residents ask if the city is prepared

Glacial Lakes Can Unleash Deadly Deluges. How Risky Are They?

This paper builds on a classical urban economics model to investigate the effects of flood management policies in a theoretical monocentric city

The relationship between multiple hazards and deprivation using open geospatial data and machine learning

Researchers design bushfire safe room that can withstand almost 1,000 degrees Celsius

After Cyclone Freddy, how to strengthen Malawi’s disaster preparedness?

Assessing directional vulnerability to wildfire

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and landslides: How Aotearoa New Zealand manages a medley of hazards

Emergency management

Rebuilding historic urban neighborhoods after disasters: Balancing disaster risk reduction and heritage conservation after the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal

Cyclone Freddy death toll in southeast Africa surpasses 500

Residents in flood-ravaged Gulf of Carpentaria enter second month without work

COVID-19: A look back on where the US succeeded and where we didn’t

Fearmongering about people fleeing disasters is a dangerous and faulty narrative

Earthquake funding gap exposes larger fault lines for emergency aid sector

‘Uncharted territory’: South Sudan’s four years of flooding

Disaster education, communications and engagement

What is a heatwave?

Enhancing earthquake preparedness knowledge and practice among Nepalese immigrants residing in Japan

World Meteorological Day – 23 March 2023

What is the Emergency Alert System and when will we get messages?

Psychology and disasters

Toward Parsimony in Bias Research: A Proposed Common Framework of Belief-Consistent Information Processing for a Set of Biases

Emotions matter: EMPOWER-ing youth by integrating emotions of (chronic) disaster risk into strategies for disaster preparedness

COVID did not affect happiness around the world, study reveals

Sociology and disasters

What happened in Pajaro isn’t just a ‘natural’ disaster

Trust but verify: Validating new measures for mapping social infrastructure in cities

How Has the COVID-19 Crisis Transformed Entrepreneurs into Sustainable Leaders?

The corona pandemic and participatory governance: Responding to the vulnerabilities of secondary school students in Europe


Today in disaster resilience (10 March 2023)

A list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Malaysia – 30,000 Displaced by Floods in Johor, Pahang, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan

Gulf of Carpentaria communities enduring biggest floods in decade brace for further heavy rain

Properties under threat as emergency alert level bushfire spreads amid punishing NSW heatwave

Powerful winter storm hits U.S., leaving at least 13 people dead and over 3 million without power, U.S.

Tropical Cyclone “Freddy” — The longest-lived and one-of-a-kind tropical cyclone in history

Brazil – Hundreds Displaced by Floods in Northern Paraná

Indonesia – Heavy Rain Triggers Deadly Landslide in Riau Islands

School bus swept into river near Batchelor, south of Darwin, three students rescued

Out-of-control bushfire burning more than 15,000ha continues to spread near Hill End, NSW

Heavy rains produced by Cyclone Yaku cause severe flooding and landslides in western Ecuador

Heavy downpour leads to severe flooding in Accra, Ghana

Wet season delivers welcome rain for Barkly and Top End cattle stations, despite floods

Volcanic activity worldwide 8 Mar 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Shiveluch, Dukono, Reventador

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

EV battery recycler hits 95% recovery rate in world-first collection program

‘Everyone should be concerned’: Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded

NSW government called out on net zero goal as own data projects coal and gas emissions until 2050

Beat the Heat

Gas could make up one-third of Victoria’s climate pollution by 2035: report

Fossil fuels kill more people than Covid. Why are we so blind to the harms of oil and gas?

Revealed: 1,000 super-emitting methane leaks risk triggering climate tipping points

With global warming of just 1.2°C, why has the weather gotten so extreme?

Variability conceals emerging trend in 100yr projections of UK local hourly rainfall extremes

Climate change to cost Germany up to 900 billion euros by 2050 – study

Threat of rising seas to Asian megacities could be way worse than we thought, study warns

Intense Downpours in the UK Will Increase Due to Climate Change Says New Study

Disaster risk reduction

Who should pay when development causes floods?

Dam engineers criticised for 2011 Brisbane floods defend handling, say governments need to act on planning regulations

A new review of the UN’s disaster prevention framework finds more than half of countries are still lacking fit-for-purpose risk monitoring systems

Inferring the depth and magnitude of pre-instrumental earthquakes from intensity attenuation curves

River hydraulic modeling with ICESat-2 land and water surface elevation

Introducing the GRRIEn Analysis Framework: Defining standards for reproducible and robust supervised learning of earth surface processes at large spatial scales

For the first time, scientists have a high-resolution model of how today’s geophysical landscapes were created and how millions of tonnes of sediment have flowed to the oceans

When summer turned extreme: A statistical analysis of New Zealand’s remarkable summer of 2022/23

Digital technologies that allow experts to better predict future city environments may be a key tool in sustainable urban design

A Monte Carlo simulation and sensitivity analysis framework demonstrating the advantages of probabilistic forecasting over deterministic forecasting in terms of flood warning reliability

Without cross-border flood alerts, disaster risk grows in Nepal

The London neighbourhoods that could flood as Environment Agency issues warning after snow and rain

What Turkey’s earthquake tells us about the science of seismic forecasting

Emergency management

More than $7.2 million in grants has been made available for 32 projects aimed at rebuilding flood damaged arts, culture and recreation infrastructure assets

Targeted funding is now available to repair, restore and enhance First Nations-owned social and cultural assets damaged last year in the February and June floods

Heart of the community soars after Black Summer bushfires

New South Wales flood affected sports facilities, programs, and sporting organisations will get a share of $36 million to get community sport back on the field

California nurses slam state decision to roll back COVID-19 requirements in health care settings

Cyclone Gabrielle Broke Vital Communication Links When People Needed Them Most – What Happened and How Do We Fix It?

Australia sending rapid response team, HMAS Canberra to assist clean-up after ‘evil twin’ cyclones smash Vanuatu

New Zealand – Insurers Expect Auckland Flood Claims to Exceed $1 Billion NZ

Long Covid is associated with significantly increased risk of death, heart and lung problems, study finds

The red and yellow sticker dilemma – how do we balance safety with the desire to return home after a disaster?

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Crowdsourced Reports Can Quickly Identify an Earthquake’s Impact

Knowing The Australian Fire Danger Ratings Could Save Your Life

Disaster Distress Memory Game

Psychology and disasters

One year on from the 2022 QLD and NSW floods

Disaster response and recovery must include mental health support plan

Sociology and disasters

Morality in the Pandemic

Changes in corporate social responsibility activity during a pandemic: The case of COVID-19

Public administration in disasters: Integrating emergency management into jail and prison preparedness

Vietnamese women leading the way on flood resilience

On International Women’s Day 2023, we celebrate those who are forging women’s equality in all walks of life

Today in disaster resilience (24 February 2023)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Hot, windy conditions a worry as Victoria blaze continues

Turkey earthquake: Deadly new tremor traps people under rubble

Brazil – Death Toll Rises in Sao Paulo Floods and Landslides

Philippines – 30,000 Displaced After Low-Pressure Area Causes Floods and Landslides

Paraguay – Hundreds of Families Affected by Floods in Amambay

South Africa – More Floods Leave 2 Dead, 5 Missing

Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Feb 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Shiveluch

Madagascar – Thousands Displaced by Tropical Cyclone Freddy

Ecuador – Fatalities After Flooding in 5 Provinces

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Unpriced climate risk and the potential consequences of overvaluation in US housing markets

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature: Indicating Extreme Heat Risk on a Global Grid

#KeepItCool infographics

France goes 31 days without rainfall, unprecedented in winter

Florida’s Great Displacement

XDI releases world-first comparison of every state’s physical climate risk

Q&A: Cyclone Gabrielle’s biggest climate lessons for NZ

As Louisiana’s coast disappears, its historic communities are disappearing too

Hurricanes are changing with the climate. Our words about them may need to change, too

Record Low Ice at Great Lakes Seen in Before and After Images From Space

Disaster risk reduction

Australia faces unprecedented grassfires next summer ‘supercharged’ by global heating

Deconstructing plate tectonic reconstructions

Secrets of Earth’s inner core revealed by large quakes

The 2023 Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, Earthquake Sequence

CoastSat is an open-source software toolkit written in Python that enables users to obtain time-series of shoreline position at any coastline worldwide from 30+ years (and growing) of publicly available satellite imagery

UK – Thousands of Trees to Be Planted at Flood Defence Project in Northern England

Germany – Insurers Demand a Stop to Building New Homes in Flood-Risk Areas

Flooded Home Buyback scheme helps wash away the pain for Queenslanders

Earthquake prone: how can we bring our riskiest buildings up to scratch?

Using dense Sentinel-2 time series to explore combined fire and drought impacts in eucalypt forests

Prevention is a ‘no-brainer’: top UN disaster risk reduction official on Türkiye-Syria quakes

Details of the CSIRO’s report on Lismore’s flood recovery and response

Emergency management

Early warning systems and evacuation: rare and extreme versus frequent and small-scale tropical cyclones in the Philippines and Dominica

Italy and partners handover Situation Room to African Union Commission

Tech experts turn firefighters in battle against wildfires

Disaster education, communications and engagement

The benefits and negative impacts of citizen science applications to water as experienced by participants and communities

Justice in climate change education: a systematic review

Psychology and disasters

Disaster fatigue as more rain forecast for cyclone-hit areas

Characterizing the mental health and functioning of Canadian respiratory therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic

This qualitative analysis gave a voice to older adults (aged 59-65 years and 78-87 years) to share their experiences of the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires

Community members from Northern Rivers and South East Queensland share their stories of recovery twelve months on from the devastating 2022 floods

Sociology and disasters

International humanitarian narratives of disasters, crises and Indigeneity

Ethical Guidelines for Post-Disaster Research

As deadly flooding devastates more communities, often the poorest and most disinvested, residents are banding together to research the problems and press for solutions

Today in disaster resilience (17 February 2023)

Please find below a list of links to recent news about some aspects of disaster resilience…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Bushfires continue to burn in western Queensland, evacuated residents face anxious wait to assess the damage

Turkey probes contractors as earthquake deaths pass 33,000

Cyclone Gabrielle lashes Auckland as homes evacuated, flights disrupted, power cut

Syria – Thousands Evacuate After Earthquake Damages River Dams in North

Mozambique – 6 Dead as Floods Worsen in Maputo Province

At Least 22 Dead In Chilean Wildfires, Extreme Heat Not Forecast To Subside

Cyclone Gabrielle worst storm to hit New Zealand this century, says PM

South Africa – Government Declares National State of Disaster Over Floods

Malawi – 4 Dead as Floods Cause Major Damage in Blantyre

Mozambique: Floods in Maputo city and province

Brazil – 1 Dead After Landslides and Floods in São Gonçalo

New Zealand – 4 Killed in Cyclone Gabrielle Floods and Landslides

Earthquake hits New Zealand as death toll rises to five in wake of Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle

Most of Australia is about to swelter through extremely hot conditions, with other regions bracing for further flooding

Volcanic activity worldwide 15 Feb 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Shiveluch, Karangetang

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Natural disasters, boosted by climate change, displaced millions of people in U.S. in 2022

Myth-buster: Why two degrees of global warming is worse than it sounds

‘It’s inequality that kills’: Naomi Klein on the future of climate justice

New Zealand minister decries climate crisis ‘lost decades’ in wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

Wind and solar help South Australia escape tyranny of soaring gas prices

Rising seas threaten ‘mass exodus on a biblical scale’, UN chief warns

Vulnerability and loss and damage following the COP27 of the UN framework convention on climate change

Climate ‘teleconnections’ may link droughts and fires across continents

Temps to approach 50C in Australia this weekend

Reversals in Temperature-Precipitation Correlations in the Northern Hemisphere Extratropics During the Holocene

Join the Cool Coalition: Cities are warming twice as fast as the global average

New modelling shows future impacts of rising sea levels

Climate Change in the American Mind: Beliefs & Attitudes, December 2022

Are disaster seasons real? It’s time to reframe our thinking

Modeling the Greenland Ice Sheet’s Committed Contribution to Sea Level During the 21st Century

Disaster risk reduction

Caravan – A global community dataset for large-sample hydrology

Nobody can predict earthquakes, but we can forecast them. Here’s how

Building on floodplains: Minister at odds with Melbourne Water on Maribyrnong probe

Cyclone Gabrielle: Why people must be ‘extra cautious’ of landslides

Flood warning: NZ’s critical infrastructure is too important to fail – greater resilience is urgently needed

All 20 NSW water resource plans re-submitted

Colorado may force new homes in wildfire-prone areas to adhere to a state building code

Improving flood impact estimations

Who moves and who pays? Managed retreat is hard, but lessons from the past can guide us

Cyclone Gabrielle: how microgrids could help keep the power on during extreme weather events

Pakistan Floods: Need for Tackling Development from a Different Perspective

Record flooding in New South Wales wetlands triggers bird breeding bonanza

NSW premier and treasurer appear at odds over Warragamba Dam wall raising

QGIS essentials for water modelling

Use of Remote-Sensing to Quantify the Distribution of Progradation/erosion Along a Forced-Regressive Modern Coastline: Driving Factors and Impact on the Stratigraphic Record

Rain Radar – ArcGIS Experience Builder Widget

Mapping unmapped dams

Fire trackers: how can we use modelling techniques to predict where wildfires will occur?

How the Tonga volcano eruption from 2022 may affect Australia’s weather for up to eight years

Fire edge mapping

The Resilience Lessons Digest

Does the Catalog of California Earthquakes, With Aftershocks Included, Contain Information About Future Large Earthquakes?

Sydney has coasted along without a southerly buster for 14 months

Turkey-Syria earthquake: the scandal of not being prepared

Emergency management

Johns Hopkins To Shut Down Online Covid Tracker Despite 500 Americans Still Dying Every Day

Most young people aren’t getting latest Covid-19 booster, but they’re not filling hospital beds at three large health care systems

As little as one day of wildfire smoke exposure in pregnancy may raise risk of preterm birth

Lismore flood victims still waiting for land buy backs

Cyclone Gabrielle: Helicopter pilot describes daring roof top rescues in flood-stricken Hawke’s Bay

Drone footage has captured the extent of flooding in Hawke’s Bay left by Cyclone Gabrielle

Guterres calls on countries to fully fund $397 million quake appeal for Syria

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria offers lessons and reminders for disaster response

Secondary crises after the Turkey-Syria earthquakes are now the greatest threat to life

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Preparing multilingual disaster communication for the crises of tomorrow: A conceptual discussion

Words Matter: Stop Using the Phrase ‘Natural Disasters’

Psychology and disasters

Prescribing nature: the restorative power of a simple dose of outdoors

Sociodemographic Predictors of Depression in US Rural Communities During COVID-19: Implications for Improving Mental Healthcare Access to Increase Disaster Preparedness

Crises in the Anthropocene

What’s it like when your job involves wading through others’ suffering? I was left weeping and hopeless

Examining Hurricane Ida’s Impact on Mental Health: Results From a Quasi-Experimental Analysis

Sociology and disasters

Seismic risk exposes disaster risk management’s neglect of conflict

FEMA’s failure to account for climate change leaves BIPOC communities on the brink of disaster

Today in disaster resilience (10 February 2023)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Turkey earthquake: Death toll could increase eight-fold, WHO says

Fiji – Evacuations After Floods in Northern Division

Chile – Floods in North as Wildfires Blaze in Southern Regions

Mexico – Floods in Tabasco Leave Communities Isolated

Bolivia – Floods Affect Thousands in La Paz, Beni and Santa Cruz Departments

Peru – Heavy Rainfall Triggers Deadly Mudslides and Floods in Arequipa Department

Volcanic activity worldwide 8 Feb 2023: Etna volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Merapi, Shiveluch

Australia – Floods in Sydney and NSW After 96mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Brazil – Floods in Rio De Janeiro After 67mm of Rain in 1 Hour

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Future sea level rise dominates changes in worst case extreme sea levels along the global coastline by 2100

New Zealand – Auckland Needs Stormwater Systems Fit for Climate Change

Arctic sea ice mass balance in a new coupled ice–ocean model using a brittle rheology framework

Exceptionally warm temperatures – Europe experiences third warmest January on record; Antarctic sea ice extent reached its lowest for January

Second best month for big solar in Australia as WA facility tops rankings again

How India is battling deadly rain storms as climate change bites

Melting Glaciers Show Why Climate Targets Below 1.5°C Are Needed

Auckland just had its wettest month in over 170 years, and more rain is on the way

Study links record-breaking rainfall events in separate regions

California’s Extreme Weather Is the Future of Climate Change

Disaster risk reduction

200 experts dissected the Black Summer bushfires in unprecedented detail. Here are 6 lessons to heed

M 7.8 – 26 km E of Nurdağı, Turkey

Unprecedented Levels of High-Severity Fire Burn in Sierra Nevada Forests

USA – Moody’s RMS Estimates US$5-7 Billion in Total Economic Losses From California Floods

Australia – PERILS Estimates AUD 840m Loss for New South Wales and Victoria Floods

Turkey and Syria devastated by earthquake

Everything Hits at Once: How Remote Rainfall Matters for the Prediction of the 2021 North American Heat Wave

Turkey’s New Earthquake Hazard Map is Published

Glacial lake outburst floods threaten millions globally

‘We’re making our jobs harder.’ NC builds thousands of homes in flood-prone areas

Turkey-Syria earthquakes: a seismologist explains what has happened

Flood impacts forecast

Flood probes questioned

Why we should shatter Melbourne’s concrete creeks

Midterm review of the Sendai Framework

Turkish Earthquake Could Have Been Building for Thousands of Years

A new book examines the extent of biodiversity loss caused by Australia’s Black Summer wildfires and what lessons our country must learn

Turkey earthquake: Why did so many buildings collapse?

Turkey-Syria earthquakes: shallow depth of main shocks is a key reason why they’ve been so devastating

Precise magma locations aid volcanic eruption forecasts

Emergency management

12 Ways to Help After the Deadly Syria-Turkey Earthquake

New Zealand – 20,000 Insurance Claims Made After Auckland Floods

Turkey earthquake: Bodies in street after quake as anger grows over aid

Boeing 737 crash pilots walk away from fiery wreckage as Mark McGowan hails their survival a ‘miracle’

Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t

Virginia Beach Using Sensor Data to Respond to Extreme Weather

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Feel Safe education platform

Science is not the only beneficiary of nature-based ‘citizen science’ projects

Psychology and disasters

Trauma exposure and psychometric properties of the life events checklist among adults in South Africa

Coping With Distress after International Disasters: Tips & Resources for Individuals, Families & Communities

Sociology and disasters

Turkey-Syria earthquake: how disaster diplomacy can bring warring countries together to save lives

Developing nations face ‘devastating cost’ of future coastal flooding, new study says,-new-study-predicts

Unmasking Disaster Disparities and Inequality in Local Emergency Management

Today in disaster resilience (3 February 2023)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

California battles deadly storms with millions under flood watch

Philippines – 17 Dead, 70,000 Displaced After Days of Storms, Rain and Floods

Colombia – Deadly Flash Floods in Medellín, Antioquia

Indonesia – Sumatra Island Floods Leave 3 Dead and 15,000 Homes Damaged

Philippines – Death Toll Rises After Further Floods and Landslides

Mali – Flooding Rivers Destroy Homes and Livelihoods in Mopti and Tombouctou Regions

Auckland floods: More heavy rain ahead for New Zealand’s largest city

Zambia – “Catastrophic Situation” After Floods Hit Southern and Central Provinces

Indonesia – 5 Killed in North Sulawesi Floods and Landslides

Madagascar – Tropical Storm Cheneso Leaves 30 Dead, 40,000 Displaced

Volcanic activity worldwide 1 Feb 2023: Santiaguito volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Semeru

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Ocean heat shatters record with warming equal to 5 atomic bombs exploding “every second” for a year

Ancient air trapped deep below the surface could unlock secrets of the Earth’s past and help understand what lies ahead as CO2 in the atmosphere keeps rising

Don’t wait for COP: the end of the fossil-fuel age must start now

Three issues will decide if Labor’s climate policy is a success – what the government does next is key

Past eight years confirmed to be the eight warmest on record

Regionalizing the sea-level budget with machine learning techniques

Modeled storm surge changes in a warmer world: the Last Interglacial

Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023

Inter-decadal climate variability induces differential ice response along Pacific-facing West Antarctica

New report shows alarming changes in the entire global water cycle

Is carbon removal delaying emission reductions?

Extreme weather events to increase in Australia

Earth is on track to exceed 1.5C warming in the next decade, study using AI finds

new study finds the biggest increases in inundation will occur after the first 2 metres (6.6 feet) of sea level rise, covering more than twice as much land as older elevation models predicted

A new study conducted with data from 93 European cities estimates that one third of deaths attributable to heat islands could be avoided if trees covered 30% of urban space

Climate change is already putting the heat on insurance companies – Auckland’s floods could be a turning point

Megadroughts in the Common Era and the Anthropocene

Auckland suffers wettest month in history

Data-driven predictions of the time remaining until critical global warming thresholds are reached

Disaster risk reduction

The USGS has collected and released topographic data that show the erosional effects of the January 2023 storms on the coast for the Santa Cruz region of California

A year on, we know why the Tongan eruption was so violent. It’s a wake-up call to watch other submarine volcanoes

MedCyclones: Working together towards understanding Mediterranean cyclones

A more realistic earthquake probability model using long-term fault memory

A data-driven model for Fennoscandian wildfire danger

Disastrous Floods in Western Australia – Why Were We Not Prepared?

Trees and Woodlands Delivering £400m Boost to UK’s Flood Protection Efforts, Study Finds

As heatwaves and floods hit cities worldwide, these places are pioneering solutions

Earth Map: A Novel Tool for Fast Performance of Advanced Land Monitoring and Climate Assessment

Observation of the Coastal Areas, Estuaries and Deltas from Space

Why rivers shouldn’t look like this

Creating Resilient Futures: Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Adaptation Agendas

Europe had 782 tornados in 2022, causing 6 fatalities and 84 injuries

The world is not ready for the next pandemic, warns the IFRC

Fast Flood Extent Monitoring with SAR Change Detection Using Google Earth Engine

Emergency management

Mayor wants a fleet manager, but Council members say hiring a disaster manager is more urgent

With the advent of the 20th anniversary of the Canberra 2003 deadly blaze, many residents reflect on their own narrow escapes and continue to raise questions about why there hadn’t been an adequate warning system

Auckland floods: city begins clean-up after ‘biggest climate event’ in New Zealand’s history

The inaugural meeting of the Australian Government and insurance sector’s Hazards Insurance Partnership (HIP) will be held in Brisbane today

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Responses to heat waves: what can Twitter data tell us?

Dealing with risks associated with tsunamis using indigenous knowledge approaches

At Fitzroy Crossing and around Australia, community radio empowers local responses to climate impacts

Theatre making and storytelling on the margins: the lived experience of climate change in Dhaka

Non-formal disaster education programs for school students in Iran: A qualitative study of the challenges experienced by stakeholders

Social media and crowdsourcing in disasters

Latest global social media & other digital facts and figures

Psychology and disasters

The relationship between multiple traumatic events and the severity of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms – evidence for a cognitive link

Homeowner firewise behaviors in fire-prone central Oregon: An exploration of the attitudinal, situational, and cultural worldviews impacting pre-fire mitigation actions

To prepare or not to prepare: What motivates people to reduce their risk from volcanic impacts?

For some, life after Ian is ‘more tragic than the hurricane itself’

Sociology and disasters

In Iloilo City, Philippines, an Inclusive Housing Program Protects Vulnerable Communities from Flood Risks

People in social housing often face hottest conditions and struggle to pay for air conditioning, advocates say

Global state of education-related inequality in COVID-19 vaccine coverage, structural barriers, vaccine hesitancy, and vaccine refusal: findings from the Global COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey

We cannot address global water challenges without social sciences

Today in disaster resilience (13 January 2023)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Menindee experiencing worst flooding since 1976

Record flooding in Kimberley causes widespread destruction to homes and infrastructure

Flooding closes Mannum’s main street as peak River Murray flow passes through SA town

Indonesia – Deadly Flash Floods on Java Island

Angola – Heavy Rains Cause Death and Damages in 5 Provinces

No risk of tsunami after Darwin, Northern Territory shaken by magnitude-7.7 earthquake

Bushfire near Lake Pedder in ‘mop-up stage’ as fire authorities brace for coming heatwave

Endless onslaught of atmospheric river events in California claim 14 lives, residents urged to be hyper-vigilant

Alice Springs’ usually dry Todd River flowing strong thanks to rain from ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie

Crushed by falling trees. Drowned in floodwaters. The deadly toll of California storms worsens

Colombia – Massive Landslide Destroys Homes, Cuts Major Road in Cauca

Volcanic activity worldwide 12 Jan 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Semeru, Marapi

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Australia could swing from three years of La Niña to hot and dry El Niño in 2023

Low amount of snow across Alps in 2022-23 winter;10.16;6&l=snow

Debunking 3 Common Climate Change Myths

Global temperatures in 2023 set to be among hottest on record

Half of glaciers will be gone by 2100 even under Paris 1.5C accord, study finds

Warming climate means more and stronger Atlantic tropical storms

Climate change: Why is Europe experiencing a January heat wave?

Large-scale dynamics moderate impact-relevant changes to organised convective storms

Scientists Report a Dramatic Drop in the Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice

More than 90% of the world’s population is projected to face increased risks from the compound impacts of extreme heat and drought, potentially widening social inequalities

Relentless rain, record heat: study finds climate crisis worsened extreme weather

Climate Change in 2022: Multiple Billion-Dollar Disasters and Unbearable Human Costs

Summer 2022 was the hottest on record for Europe and, overall, last year was the second warmest year on record for Europe, while globally it was the fifth warmest

This report assesses the social and economic effects of extreme heat through the prism of twelve cities that are already enduring and addressing dramatic impacts of heat waves

Australian official: Climate change making historic flooding “less natural”

NSW coal mine’s life could reach past 2050

Chief Heat Officers — an Emergency Response to Urban Heat

Climate change and La Niña driving losses

An emerging governmentality of climate change loss and damage

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency 2022

2022: New Zealand’s warmest year on record, again

Better insurance could effectively mitigate the increase in economic growth losses from U.S. hurricanes under global warming

Extreme weather has cost the US more than $1 trillion in the past seven years, feds report

Oceans were the hottest ever recorded in 2022, analysis shows

Global droughts connected by linkages between drought hubs

Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective

New tech to monitor climate change

2022 was one of Earth’s six warmest years on record

Climate change and extreme weather events have doctors worried

Four ways winter heatwaves affect humans and nature

Disaster risk reduction

It is 20 years since the 2003 Alpine fires tore through much of the Victorian high country

Neglecting Model Parametric Uncertainty Can Drastically Underestimate Flood Risks

Louisiana’s draft coastal master plan update promises billions in hurricane-damage savings

Coastal risk screening tool

The interplay of drought-flood extreme events in Africa

Natural and engineered nature-based structures offer promise for storm-related disaster risk reduction and flood mitigation

The fiscal impact of extreme weather events: First evidence for EU countries

Venice: the risk maps of the flood-prone areas

When volcanoes roar: protecting the public and tracking long-term climate impacts

Joshimath, a disaster of ignored warnings

Global catastrophic risk from lower magnitude volcanic eruptions

Europe’s ‘pyroregions’: summer 2022 saw 20-year freak fires in regions that are historically immune, close to normal in fire prone areas

Home insurance premium rises by more than 500 per cent for Horsham man with property outside flood zone

Flooding Is Nearly a Daily Occurrence Throughout the U.S.

Deep learning can predict tsunami impacts in less than a second

For insurers, the second-costliest single natural hazard related disaster in 2022 in the world was flooding in the southeast of Australia in February and March. Floods in Australia caused losses of US$ 8.1bn last year, of which US$ 4.7bn was insured

Maluku earthquake: why do some ocean earthquakes cause tsunamis while others don’t?

Researchers propose a more effective method to predict floods

Preparedness efforts for health threats: the gap between detection and action

The Invention of Disaster: Power and Knowledge in Discourses on Hazard and Vulnerability

San Francisco isn’t doing enough to stop supercharged floods

Grain shape effects in bed load sediment transport

Flooding in California: What Went Wrong, and What Comes Next

An Enhanced Hydrologic Stream Network Based on the NHDPlus Medium Resolution Dataset

Sensitivity of northwest Australian tropical cyclone activity to ITCZ migration since 500 CE

Understanding uncertainties in contemporary and future extreme wave events for broad-scale impact and adaptation planning

Climatic Asynchrony and Hydrologic Inefficiency Explain the Global Pattern of Water Availability

Atmospheric rivers over California’s wildfire burn scars raise fears of deadly mudslides – this is what cascading climate disasters look like

Emergency management

Survey: 3.3 million US adults displaced by natural disasters

‘They’ve been texting us for food’: remote communities left ‘abandoned’ in Kimberley flood response

PM seeing devastation of WA flooding

Uganda edges closer to being declared Ebola-free

Long Covid resolves within year for many with mild Covid, study says

98% of California homeowners don’t have flood insurance

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Top climate papers featured in the media in 2022

Why facts don’t change minds: Insights from cognitive science for the improved communication of conservation research

Tokyo police’s Twitter account for disaster info turns 10 years old

Cultural Burning for Resilience | The Mini-Documentary

Reducing risk and building resilience through effective governance

‘Breaking the Silence’: The 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2022

Changing behavioral responses to heat risk in a warming world: How can communication approaches be improved?

Psychology and disasters

Uncovering heterogeneous associations of disaster-related traumatic experiences with subsequent mental health problems: A machine learning approach

The Adverse Health Effects of Disaster-Related Trauma

Massive review study suggests psychological trauma nearly triples a person’s risk of mental disorder

Sociology and disasters

The Anthropology of Epidemics

Majority of disabled people never go home after disasters

Why Pacific Islanders are staying put even as rising seas flood their homes and crops

Forgotten people, false promises: Stories of riverbank erosion in Assam

The compounding impacts of Cyclone Idai and their implications for urban inequality

Today in disaster resilience (23 December 2022)

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

When and where the River Murray flooding is expected to peak in South Australia’s Riverland

Floods leave at least 4 people dead after more than 500 mm of rain in 24 hours, Thailand

Strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits near the coast of Northern California

Malaysia – 16 Dead, 17 Missing After Landslide in Selangor

Brazil – 2 Dead, Dozens Rescued After Floods and Landslides in Santa Catarina

River Murray expected to peak in SA in coming days

Volcanic activity worldwide 21 Dec 2022: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Reventador, Kilauea

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Sydney hits 2.5 metres of annual rain amid record wet year

Increasingly Sophisticated Climate Models Need the Out-Of-Sample Tests Paleoclimates Provide

Hot Cities, Chilled Economies

Antarctic Ice-Sheet Meltwater Reduces Transient Warming and Climate Sensitivity Through the Sea-Surface Temperature Pattern Effect

Laser scanning reveals potential underestimation of biomass carbon in temperate forest

Year in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in the Energy Transition

Managing water in the Murray-Darling basin in the face of climate change

The implications of climate change for emergency planning

A global dataset of daily maximum and minimum near-surface air temperature at 1 km resolution over land (2003–2020)

When Climate Adaptation Backfires

Miami-Dade County launches first-ever Extreme Heat Action Plan

South Australia’s remarkable 100 per cent renewables run extends to over 10 days

Incorporating non-stationarity from climate change into rainfall frequency and intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves

Rooftop solar is eating coal and gas markets in every mainland state

Argentina’s record-breaking 2022 heatwave made ‘60 times more likely’ by climate change

EU’s 2021 greenhouse emissions fell 22% from 2008 peak

COP27 Resilience Hub Synthesis Report

Ten countries making progress in climate change in 2022

NSW to turbocharge transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions

What on Earth is a polar vortex? And what’s global warming got to do with it?

Disaster risk reduction

Use of Hydrological Models in Global Stochastic Flood Modeling

The UK Government Resilience Framework

Building climate resilience requires a whole-of-government approach. Here’s how Louisiana is making it happen

DynQual v1.0: A high-resolution global surface water quality model

The Controversial Plan to Unleash the Mississippi

Sizing up Mauna Loa’s Lava Flows

Study shows how machine learning could predict rare disastrous events, like earthquakes or pandemics

Groundwater Replenishes Much Faster Than Scientists Previously Thought

A comprehensive review of tsunami and palaeotsunami research in Chile

American Flood Coalition Celebrates Final Passage of the FLOODS and PRECIP Acts

Canada Wildfire Bulletin

2022’s US climate disasters, from storms and floods to heat waves and droughts

NSW facing decade-high bushfire risk

Dam Floods, Failures and Disasters in 2022

This review assesses the effectiveness of preparedness activities and the response to the South East Queensland rainfall and flooding event of February-March 2022

New Tectonic Plate Model Could Improve Earthquake Risk Assessment

The benefits of collaboration in pursuit of flood resilience

 Emergency management

‘A big rejigging of the system’: the NSW communities dealing with the ‘slow torture’ of inundated land

Blue-green algae behind bad smell at Lake Bonney after levee cuts it from River Murray

Lismore’s flood-affected doctors plead for government support 10 months after disaster

After Hurricane Maria, many Puerto Ricans fled to Florida. Then Ian happened

Accurate water sources for aerial firefighters

Connecticut used disaster aid to rebuild million-dollar homes

Riverland family waits out flooding, protected by makeshift levee around Gurra Gurra home

Rescuers keep stranded kangaroos alive months after Moama flood

Phoenix rises to keep Western Australians safe

 Disaster education, communications and engagement

Resources for Reducing Risk, Building Resilience

Mauna Loa eruption in Hawaii: How to stay safe while visiting volcanoes

NJ Homebuyers, Renters Deserve To Know About Flood Risks, Senator Says

Twitter changed science — what happens now it’s in turmoil?

From ShakeAlert to smartphones: Earthquake Early Warning now and beyond

Psychology and disasters

Disaster fatigue: how nine floods in six months have taken a toll on a NSW farming community

‘This might be my last day’: surviving the wall of water that hit Eugowra

Best Behavior and Environment Studies of 2022

Sociology and disasters

Implications of anomalous relative sea-level rise for the peopling of Remote Oceania

Precipitation anomalies induced by climate change widen inequality by harming the poorest

How does climate change shape inequality, poverty and economic opportunity?

Today in disaster resilience (9 December 2022)

Please find below a list of links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

More than 600 aftershocks following M5.6 earthquake beneath Lake Taupō, New Zealand

Landslide buries bus in Colombia, leaving at least 34 people dead

Flash flood hits Johannesburg, leaving 14 people dead and 3 missing, South Africa

Peru – Flood Destroy Homes and Bridges in Ucayali Department

Chad – Médecins Sans Frontières Launches Emergency Response for Flood Victims in “Dire Situation”

Vietnam – Deadly Floods in North Central Coast Region

Brazil – Thousands Displaced, 10 Dead After Rain, Floods and Landslides in 5 States

Italy – Dozens Rescued From Flooding in South

River Murray flows to reach 220 gigalitres a day by the end of the year

Severe flash floods hit Lisbon, Portugal

Very large tornado hits Ras Laffan, Qatar

Volcanic activity worldwide 7 Dec 2022: Stromboli volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Shiveluch

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Ten step guide to climate action based on scientific data

Losses from climate change: €145 billion in a decade

 Europe’s water crisis is much worse than we thought

Australia needs ‘wartime mobilisation’ response to climate crisis, security leaders say

How to Move a Village. Or 40.

Country towns at ‘greater risk’ of running dry when drought returns despite recent floods

Disaster risk reduction

Storm sequence chronology and initial profile morphology controls on beach erosion

Indigenous fire management and cross-scale fire-climate relationships in the Southwest United States from 1500 to 1900 CE

Grey to Green: Sheffield’s transformational flood defence scheme

Studies show prescribed burns are key to forest resiliency

Queensland’s dam upgrade bill to pour pressure on state budget

Machine Learning Model Doubles Accuracy of Global Landslide ‘Nowcasts’

HydroSat: geometric quantities of the global water cycle from geodetic satellites

Urbanized landslides

5 Sustainable Forest Management Strategies for Wildfire Prevention

Increased Flood Risk Threatens California’s Airports

Scientists Develop Low-Cost Sensors for River Levels

The Southern Hemisphere is stormier than the Northern, and we finally know why

Enhancing Earthquake Detection from Orbit

Latest study on Bradfield scheme in Queensland again concludes proposal doesn’t hold water

Spatial and temporal variability of shorefaces: A morpho-hydrodynamic controlled system

Queensland Scientists Develop Satellites and Radar Techniques for Faster Flood Mapping

 Emergency management

Murray River towns could see brown tap water for months in wake of floods

Aerial images used to map lava from Mauna Loa eruption in Hawaii

Moulamein farmers swap harvesters for excavators to maintain levees against highest flood in memory

In Indonesia, a deadly inland earthquake exposes urgent preparedness gaps

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Great photojournalism article on the recent Eugowra floods in NSW

The tale of tornado tales

Psychology and disasters

Effect of individual characteristics, risk perception, self-efficacy and social support on willingness to relocate due to floods and landslides

Sociology and disasters

Can social infrastructure mitigate the impact of massive hazards?

Public satisfaction with the government’s disaster response during Typhoon Odette (Rai)

Today in disaster resilience 2 December 2022

Please find below links to some aspects of disaster resilience that were in the news recently…

Recent emergencies/disasters

Landslide kills 14 attending funeral in Cameroon, regional governor says

Italy – 2 Dead, Several Feared Missing in Landslides and Floods on the Island of Ischia

Increased eruptive activity at Cotopaxi – one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes, Ecuador

Eruption begins at Mauna Loa volcano after 38 years of quiescence – Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Hawai’I

Cameroon – Deadly Landslide in Yaoundé

Current volcanic eruptions

In Pictures: Mauna Loa erupts

Volcanic activity worldwide 30 Nov 2022: Etna volcano, Fuego, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Dukono

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Greta Thunberg and more than 600 youths are taking Sweden to court. Here’s why

Climate concern the main reason voters swung to independents at federal election, study finds

Rising Sea Levels Besieging Africa’s Booming Coastal Cities

Unmasking the Effects of Aerosols on Greenhouse Warming Over Europe

Climate Change Impacts in Latin America

Climate change, driven by the burning of coal, oil and gas, was a major factor in the Great Deluge

Floods differ in a warmer future

Reconciling disagreement on global river flood changes in a warming climate

As strong winds and torrential rains inundate Australia’s south-eastern coast, new research suggests that high intensity bushfires might not be too far behind, with their dual effects extending damage zones and encroaching on previously low-risk residential areas

Many forests will become highly flammable for at least 30 extra days per year unless we cut emissions, research finds

Future multivariate weather generation by combining Bartlett-Lewis and vine copula models

NASA Study: Rising Sea Level Could Exceed Estimates for U.S. Coasts

How an Early Oil Industry Study Became Key in Climate Lawsuits

Triple-Dip La Niña persists, prolonging drought and flooding

Will Summer 2022-23 Result in a Season of Tropical Cyclones and Floods for Australia?

Disaster risk reduction

Effective disaster risk reduction requires the consideration of not just what has occurred but of what could occur

Benefits of subsidence control for coastal flooding in China

ACSC releases guide to safe smart cities

Dream Homes and Disasters: Is the Government Ready to Confront Climate Risk?

Conservation efforts may have worsened catastrophic bushfires in south-east Australia, study finds

Seasonal Bushfire Outlook Summer 2022: Australia’s national picture of fire potential

Seismogenic Fault Reactivation in Western Central Africa: Insights From Regional Stress Analysis

Spotlight on illegal buildings as Ischia death toll now at 8

Amid rising climate change disaster risks, EU-UN initiative helps the African, the Caribbean and Pacific countries better prevent and recover from disasters

Lack of investment could leave 600,000 English properties at risk of flooding

We’re decoding ancient hurricanes’ traces on the sea floor – and evidence from millennia of Atlantic storms is not good news for the coast

5 facts on reducing disaster risk regarding Haiti earthquakes

Disasters : Deconstructed Season 7 Episode 4 – LIVE!

New Risk Information Exchange already reaching 52 countries

Implementation of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard Getting Underway

Even weak tropical cyclones have grown more intense worldwide – we tracked 30 years of them using currents

Coastal property prices and climate risks are both soaring. We must pull our heads out of the sand

Satellite observations have revealed that weak seismic ground shaking can trigger powerful landslide acceleration – even several years after a significant earthquake

Where Mauna Loa’s lava is coming from – and why Hawaii’s volcanoes are different from most

More nations can be better prepared for drought as IWMI takes its space-based monitoring tool online

Emergency management

Fauci: Americans shouldn’t feel we’re completely ‘done’ with COVID

We’re nowhere near prepared for next climate disasters

Universal flu vaccine could counter future pandemic

Regional town cut off until Christmas as NSW flood crisis enters 75th day

Did flood or storm ruin Eugowra’s homes? Thousands of dollars rest on the answer

Even without a mandate, masks are the norm in Mexico City

Lava from Hawaii volcano lights night sky amid warnings

More deaths among vaccinated Americans not a reason to avoid vaccines, experts say

As flood waters surge into South Australia, ecologists say locals should give fleeing snakes a wide berth

Disaster education, communications and engagement

Exploring TikTok as a promising platform for geoscience communication

The Floods in South-East Australia by Chloe Hooper

Stronger together: inter-community collaboration enhancing resilience in Mexico

Want to help report on coastal flooding and storm damage? Here’s how you can get involved

There were more than 38,000 entries in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award — these ones were shortlisted

Counteracting wildfire misinformation

coastTrain: A Global Reference Library for Coastal Ecosystems

Disaster simulation exercise

Psychology and disasters

Evacuation action during torrential rain considering situation awareness error using protection motivation theory

Time spent on rivers, coasts or lakes in childhood may be linked to subjective well-being as an adult, study finds

Sociology and disasters

After the floods comes famine